A complete care and practice management system for ART clinics

Customized software for the efficient ART clinic

Patient Information

Patient Demographics
Contact information, agreements, consent forms and more. Integration with hospital patient registry.

Patient Investigations
Medical history, previous treatments, physical examination, cause of infertility, lab test results for infections, hormone tests, chromosome tests and more. Integration with lab test results.


Stimulation and OPU
Stimulation planning and protocol, follicle information, scan and more.

Embryo Retrievement and Transfer
Oocytes retrieved, fertilization treatment and embryo assessment D0-D6.
Embryo selection for transfer, OHSS check, ET process and more.

Daily Planning

Daily Summary
Get a quick overview of all stimulations, OPUs, embryo assessments, and ETs planned for a specific day.


Assign To-Dos
Assign tasks to yourself or to other users at your clinic.
To-do's are linked to patient files for quick access.

Chart Notes

List of Patient Charts
All patient charts in one place

Template Based Chart Notes
Customized templates for chart notes with autofilled information directly from the software.

Embryo Storage and Details

Embryo Overview
Overview of all embryos, assessment scores, freezer storage status, exposure to materials and more.

Sperm Analysis

Concentration and motility before and after preparation, preparation method, CASA integration and more.

Sperm Storage

Freezer storage status, thaw, destruction and export, reason for cryo, quality at cryo and method

Batch Control

Materials and Batch Numbers
Including expiration date warnings and relationship to pregnancy outcome

Import and Export

List of Delivered and Recieved Samples
Overview of all cell and tissue samples sent and recieved

Tissue Consignment
Patient and clinic information, tissue information and transportation information. Pre-filled printable tissue order.

Weekly Planning

Weekly Summary
Get a quick overview of all IVF, ICSI, IUI and FER treatments for a specific week

Patient Letters

Generate Patient Letters
The patient letter function provides the flexibility to completely customize your own patient letters with templates, importing data directly from the software into the letter.

Lab Test Results

Infectious Diseases
Lab test results for infection tests such as HIV, hepatitis and more

Hormone tests
Lab test results for hormone tests such as FSH, LH, AMH and more

Invoice Management

Manage payments
Create invoices and keep track of payments

Incident Reports

Learn from mistakes

Benefits of Linnéfiler

Customize Your Software

We provide a highly flexible software, completely customized to the unique needs of your clinic. It's that simple.
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Increase Your Efficiency

With LinnéFiler, all of your clinic's patient data, lab data, documents, procedures and planning are found in one place.
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Commit to Quality

LinnéFiler meets the requirements of the EU Medical Device Directive and the Tissues and Cells Directive.
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Keep Up With Science

We keep up with scientific and technological progress in the ART field. Make sure your clinic does too.
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Integrate Your Clinic

LinnéFiler can be linked together with other computing systems, software applications and analytic equipment.
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Evaluate Your Work

With LinnéFiler, you can extract any data for statistical analysis. This improves your clinic's success rate.
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Customized Software for the Efficient ART Clinic

LinnéFiler is a complete management system for the modern, paper free ART clinic. It is built with ease of use for the staff as our highest priority. Our software supports the daily routines and work process for all professions in the clinic.

With LinnéFiler, you can easily monitor clinical outcome and other information that helps to improve your success rates. You can also extract any data for statistical analysis or set up a customized data report. A validated quality reference model is also included.

Tailored to your clinic’s specific needs, our software is customized to the routines you have already established in your clinic. Through sharing clinical progress instantaneously with the doctor, embryologist, nurse and medical secretary, LinnéFiler provides the hub for true clinical teamwork.

Our software is CE marked and complies with EU safety directives. Developed in close collaboration with leading fertility clinics, LinnéFiler is a proven choice for ART clinics, both big and small, since 1993.



Despite having many features, LinnéFiler is still easy to use and understand. Discover all the great features here.
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Learn more about how LinnéFiler can be customized to meet all your needs.
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Learn more about the technical and functional details of LinnéFiler.
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Demo and pricing

Learn how to get a demo or a price quote for using LinnéFiler in your clinic.
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