Customize Your Software

Your clinic is unique. Although all IVF clinics share the same mission, no two clinics are the same. Routines and procedures differ, and big clinics differ from small ones. In order to provide a software that fulfills the unique needs of your clinic, we have created a highly flexible and customizable software.

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Only What You Need

Depending on the size of the clinic or the laws in your country, LinnéFiler can be customized to contain only the procedures that your clinic performs, no less and no more. For instance, if oocyte donation is not allowed in your country or simply not performed at your clinic, that function is hidden. If laws or procedures change, a hidden function can be reactivated.


The customization is done through the use of modules, smaller parts that are put together to form a software uniquely adapted to the needs of your clinic.  A module handles one task, such as registration of patient consent, sperm analysis or embryo assessment.

Many modules exist in more than one version. The modules can be customized to contain the fields of your choice. The modularization makes it possible for your clinic to record and use the information that is needed, no less and no more.

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LinnéFiler in Your Language

We make sure that you get LinnéFiler in your language. Individual users at your clinic can use different language settings. You can also add your own translations or change the translation of words in the database.

Create Your Own Printouts

With LinnéFiler, you can easily create your own customized printouts or internal work documents.