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Correct Answers

- Is LinnéFiler CE marked?
Yes, LinnéFiler is CE marked as a Medical Device Class I. Learn more.

- Is the user interface of LinnéFiler fixed and identical for all clinics?
No, the interface is completely customized through the use of modules. Learn more.

- Is analysis of treatment result an easy task in LinnéFiler?
Yes, LinnéFiler is built with ease of use for the staff as our highest priority. Learn more.

- Can LinnéFiler make your clinic more efficient?
Yes, for instance through monitoring clinical outcome and extract any data for statistical analysis, helping you to improve your success rate. Learn more.

- Is integration with other software possible with LinnéFiler?
Yes, LinnéFiler can be linked together with other computing systems, software applications and analytic equipment. Learn more.

Discover LinnéFiler

LinnéFiler is a complete management system for the modern, paper free ART clinic. It is built with ease of use for the staff as our highest priority. Our software supports the daily routines and work process for all professions in the clinic.

With LinnéFiler, you can easily monitor of clinical outcome and other information that helps to improve your success rates. You can also extract any data for statistical analysis or set up a customized data report. A validated quality reference model is also included.

Tailored to your clinic’s specific needs, our software is customized to the routines you have already established in your clinic. Through sharing clinical progress instantaneously with the doctor, embryologist, nurse and medical secretary, LinnéFiler provides the hub for true clinical teamwork.

Our software is CE marked and complies with EU safety directives. Developed in close collaboration with leading fertility clinics, LinnéFiler is a proven choice for ART clinics, both big and small, since 1993.