Instant Queries

With LinnéFiler, you can quickly search every field and also make cumulative searches. This makes it easy to check the outcome of the clinic, the impact of new methods, media etc. KPI’s can also be shown for each embryologist or clinician performing different procedures. An easy to use tool gives the main KPI’s as pregnancy rate, take home rate etc.

Examples of questions that the search function can answer:
- What pregnancy success rate do I have for my ISCI treatments? What is the overall success rate for the clinic?
- What is the implantation rate for ETs with a specific batch number? How does it differ from the previous year? Is there a difference in implantation rate between for embryos in incubator A and B?

You can also:
- Extract data for statistics or statistical reports
- Extract data for national registries
- Customize data extraction for research or other purposes
- Set up a customized data report