Quality assurance

LinnéFiler helps you to identify areas for improving treatment results and prevent mistakes.
With several supporting system components, you can monitor and administer clinic routines and identify areas for improving treatment results and help prevent mistakes.

Batch trace
With batch trace you can easily monitor the equipment used in each procedure. This gives you not only information about each step in the procedure but also allows you to conduct statistics on what materials used have a higher success rate.

Incidents is a system component where you can report any incidents occurred that may be cause for evaluation.
You can also allow staff to enter suggestions for change and administrate a revision of your clinic routines.

Monitor your orders and suppliers in the system component Purchases. This allows you to keep track of your suppliers and monitor each order placed by the clinic.
Stay up to date with science. There is continuous scientific and technological progress in the ART field. We make sure to be up to date with science, continuously providing your clinic with an updated software that supports the latest news.